Virgin Voyage

Virgin Voyage (Solo Cruiser Book 1)

Violet wakes up to life very late, she will tell you why when she is ready, when she can. She has a special birthday and realises the clock is ticking; if she is going to live she needs to start now. With the freshness and naivety of youth she overcomes agoraphobia by holding herself to ransom. She swaps her home in London for the safety of a cruise ship, one she cannot run from, cannot swim from. Now she has to discover life, she has a shot at friendship, romance, love and sex. Violet wants to try sex; and why not she is certainly an adult. Having spent most of her life talking to herself, this Bridget Jones like voice of a determined woman who shows strength even when it is hard, she bravely steps into an arena where she is open to lust and love. The ship leaves Southampton and colourfully stops in Madeira, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Palma and Lisbon. Violet will have to cruise again – it’s complicated. A very story driven romance.

Author Name
Sally Katz

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