Meet Loree Adams, a black and successful woman in her own right. She’s the pet of the well known Judge Patrick Ross, who’s more than a friend but not quite the lover type of guy in her life. He uses his connections to get Loree a job at a prestigious law firm in the Washington, DC area. It’s here where Loree collides with Luke Edwards, Mr. Sexy beyond reason. Luke happens to be gay but wildly, maybe mad even, attracted to Loree. His curiosity gets the better of him and he risks it all for a sweet taste of Loree, who doesn’t want to commit, but ends up falling head over heels for her recent convert. Will their relationship survive the drama and pain that threatens to divide them? Get lost in this tale of power, control, lies, seduction, and sex. Get lost in Unexpected.

Author Name
Cris Steele

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