The S’expert

The S’expert

Want some High-IQ Heat? Scorching hot, “The S’expert” is lush, sensual, intelligent erotica.

Ever yearn for someone smart as well as sexy? So has Mandy. Tonight, she’s willing to settle for Mr Here-and-now, but when she goes looking for a deliciously-decadent one night stand, she gets much more than she bargained for.

He lowered his face to mine until his lips just brushed my own with each word he spoke. “Are these hands going to stay where I put them, or do I have to find something to keep them there?”
My lips were parted, reaching up, taking and tasting each word and eagerly devouring it as he dropped each one delicately into my mouth, like weightless ambrosia morsels that fed my hunger so hard that by the time he finished his sentence I arched up to join his mouth with mine, my wrists held above me by his strong hands, my nipples calling their tender silent siren song vertically towards his body, and my drenched swollen pussy aching for the hard cock that rested so close above it.


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Evie Bliss

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