The Forbidden Dance

The Forbidden Dance (The Studio Collection Book 5)

Gretchen Bailey is career suicide. From the minute she walks into his posh new studio, Jordan Ballard wants her, but there’s a problem. Not only is she the winner of his dance scholarship, which makes her his student, she’s also much younger than him. He knows he should pass her off to another teacher, but the idea of anyone else touching her drives him crazy.

Jordan Ballard is every girl’s dream. He’s tall and handsome and when she dances with him she forgets about everything else. She’s quickly consumed by thoughts of him and waits impatiently all week for their one hour together. Being swept off her feet by the gorgeous, and completely unattainable, Jordan Ballard is nothing more than a little girl’s silly day dream…

…or is it?

Will Jordan risk his career to have the one thing he shouldn’t? Will Gretchen get her dream man?

Author Name
E. M. Denning

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