The Abducted Fiancee

The Abducted Fiancée: Contemporary Billionaire Romance (Blackstone Book 2)

In this follow up novel to Falling for the Heir, Breanne is engaged to charismatic billionaire and CEO Nicholas Blackstone. She is busy navigating her newfound life of luxury, the demands of her Psychology degree and her part-time job – add in the stress of planning a high-society wedding with her busy fiancée. When Breanne is given an opportunity through family connections to study notorious criminal Randy Wilkes with a world-renowned forensic Psychologist, she jumps at the chance.

What she wasn’t expecting was becoming a fixture of Randy’s twisted attentions, or for him to escape the institution and come hunting for her. When Breanne is abducted, she needs to use all her knowledge and training in order to survive the ordeal. Can she outwit her captor, and will she ever see Nicholas again? Using all the resources at his disposal, can Nicholas find Breanne before time runs out? After everything they have endured together, will they finally get their happy ending?

The Abducted Fiancée is a romantic suspense bringing the story of Nicholas and Breanne to their ultimate HEA. Includes a number of steamy scenes. No cliffhanger, no cheating, no extreme violence.

Author Name
Jenny Lynn

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