Taking Orders

Taking Orders: A Bad Boy Office Romance

A contractor taking orders from a secretary!?!

Lisa: After slaving away for two years to climb the ranks at work, the last thing I need is a distraction.
I’ve been assigned to oversee the renovations in our office – it’s a real opportunity to finally prove myself to my boss.
The head contractor, Jesse, is made of muscle and jewel green eyes and I have to stay back after hours to supervise him.
How am I supposed to stay professional when he looks at me like that?

Sure, I’ve heard the rumors about him, but that’s just office gossip… right?

Jesse: My first time handling a big job on my own. Fresh coat of paint, new carpets, all pretty standard.
What I didn’t expect was the doe-eyed, sassy-mouthed, secretary that I’d have to answer to.
I know that she is off-limits, but I can’t help but wish that I was the one ordering her around.

It didn’t take long for my criminal record to become a topic of workplace gossip, and I hear the whispers about me.
Usually I can ignore it, but instead of working, I find myself thinking of my past… and my future.
Will she believe the stories like everyone else? I can’t blame her though.
Hell, sometimes the rumors are true.

Taking Orders is a standalone novella containing hot, stubborn, contractors, action-packed
lunch breaks, and a steamy office romance between two lovers from different worlds.
No cheating, no cliffhangers & HEA guaranteed.

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