the hunted heir

the hunted heir
The Hunted Heir: the gifted book one

After the murder of her mother Denna finds herself alone and searching for a family that she cannot remember.

Why was there no record of her existence for the first part of her life and no record of her mother ever existing at all?

When strange things happen the realization hits that she is the one causing them.

Where will events lead her when a web post seems to be speaking specifically to her ?

Can she trust the people that claim to be her family?

Why do the ever sweet Mia and the brooding Jack want so much to help her?

Then there’s the Alicia, the psychically diseased woman that lives out by the lake in fear and solitude.

But most importantly there is the Phoenix egg, an ancient artefact that her mother risked her life and her child to protect from those that would misuse its power and now Denna has inherited that duty…but will it let her or will it consume her.

Author Name
Talia mason

Alix (The Coven’s Grove Chronicles)

Alix (The Coven’s Grove Chronicles)
Alix (The Coven’s Grove Chronicles Book 1)

Alix hadn’t always been gifted. In fact, she hadn’t been or done much of anything until after she’d turned sixteen—that’s when things had really gone to shit. Her mother was murdered, her father…well, no one knew where he was. That left Alix on her own in a selfish world filled with people who didn’t give a damn.

Nine years of hell had passed since her sweet sixteen and the discovery of her gift. So far, she’d managed to handle everything the world had thrown at her. Everything until Troy Sullivan strolled into the tattoo parlor where she worked.

She had known men before, sure, but none of them could hold a candle to the man that walked up to the counter looking to get some art done. As fate would have it, Alix finds herself on the run with the would-be man of her dreams while a band of fanatics, hell bent on finding her, give chase.

All Alix had ever wanted was a normal life. What she’d gotten was a messed up tragedy. And now, she’ll have to fight tooth and nail just to keep that.

Building friendships isn’t easy…building a coven is even harder. The Coven’s Grove Chronicles is a saga about the gathering of thirteen women who possess extraordinary powers. Witches all, they must come together in a sisterhood that will nurture and protect them. The secrets of the arcane will be unlocked for each, if they survive long enough to learn. Join them on their journeys of discovery and hardship, and of course, to meet the dashing men they find along the way.

Author Name
Virginia Hunter