GOOD FRIEND Volume 4: The Boy In The Window

GOOD FRIEND Volume 4: The Boy In The Window
GOOD FRIEND Volume 4: The Boy In The Window

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Janice knows the boy across the street has been spying through her bedroom window for years, but when he comes home from college she discovers that the grown up version of the boy is something worth watching for herself. They develop an unspoken nighttime routine: I watch you, you watch me.

All goes well until the night the boy brings home a little red-haired girlfriend to put on a different kind of show through the window. Janice, realizing that he has no real experience beyond window peeping, takes it upon herself to cross the street and confront the boy face to face for the first time.

Alone in his bedroom, with nothing now separating them but fifteen years of age, the encounter turns into a sexual training session as Janice takes it upon herself to teach the boy in the window all the things she expects a man to know in bed.

It contains potentially controversial adult themes and all the explicit language one would expect to describe them in glorious detail.

6900+ words.

It is not necessary to read all of the stories in the GOOD FRIEND series or to read them in any order. Each volume is a loosely connected, standalone tale.

Author Name
Jillian Hoff