Milking His Brat

Milking His Brat
Milking His Dirty Brat (Sweet Milk Book 1)

Tara is the new employee at Graven & Locke Enterprises. Damon Locke, part owner and a well-known billionaire, becomes obsessed with her the moment his eyes lay on her and her perfectly curved body. Little does he know what he’s getting himself into with Tara. Tara is freshly graduated from college making her ten years younger than Mr. Locke, and she’s got a wild side to her that he will have to fight to tame, and she’s still a virgin. Damon is determined to plant his seed inside of her and quench his thirst for her with her sweet milk.

Will Mr. Damon Locke be able to tame Tara? Will his fantasy come to fruition?

Author Name
Jenna Maverick