the hunted heir

the hunted heir
The Hunted Heir: the gifted book one

After the murder of her mother Denna finds herself alone and searching for a family that she cannot remember.

Why was there no record of her existence for the first part of her life and no record of her mother ever existing at all?

When strange things happen the realization hits that she is the one causing them.

Where will events lead her when a web post seems to be speaking specifically to her ?

Can she trust the people that claim to be her family?

Why do the ever sweet Mia and the brooding Jack want so much to help her?

Then there’s the Alicia, the psychically diseased woman that lives out by the lake in fear and solitude.

But most importantly there is the Phoenix egg, an ancient artefact that her mother risked her life and her child to protect from those that would misuse its power and now Denna has inherited that duty…but will it let her or will it consume her.

Author Name
Talia mason