Game of Bimbos: Lady Symphony

Game of Bimbos: Lady Symphony
Game of Bimbos: Lady Symphony

“Bring on the Bimbos!”

The Queen of Solice has passed away, leaving a seat at the right hand of the King vacant. Per sacred tradition, King Bjorn issues a royal decree; summoning all available noble ladies to participate in the game of bimbos. The victor of the games will become Queen and sit upon a newly fashioned throne made of the sex toys of all the unworthy contestants. It will take many months for the King to make his decision, and with all the noble houses competing for a claim, the danger is immense. But when it is done, who shall sit upon the bimbo throne?

With the offer of power and sex, Lady Symphony Karib answers the King’s royal summons. This busty blonde bimbo is in for massive surprise when King Bjorn makes his big reveal. This noble bimbo is granted one of the first auditions, but will she be able to handle it? This royal bimbo is more than willing to try.

This is book three of a series for GAME of BIMBOS.
This is an erotic short story with 70+ pages of bonus content!

Author Name
Velvet Rainne