The Man of Her Dreams The McCabe’s Book 3

The Man of Her Dreams The McCabe’s Book 3
The Man of Her Dreams: The McCabe’s Book 3

Flora Munro had a crush on Ham McCabe for what seemed to be her whole life, until she got tired of him avoiding her all the time. She finally realized what a shallow person he really was, he didn’t like the fact that she wore men’s clothes, didn’t obsess about her appearance and didn’t really try to impress people. Either they liked her for who she was, or they didn’t, Flora didn’t put on airs for anyone.

Ham McCabe had just finished up his service to the king’s army and returned to Gleann where he had grown up. Just like when they were younger, Flora Munro began following him around once again. He had been avoiding Flora since they were both young, she was just a nuisance and not what he would consider a lady or marriage material. He discouraged her every chance he could.

After a visit with Ham’s sister Jacqueline at her home a day’s ride away, Ham offers to escort Flora, who had also been visiting her childhood friend, back to Gleann. Due to a freak storm they are trapped alone together for days. Ham learns more about Flora than he ever thought possible, and more importantly, he finds out that she is much more than she seems and he really likes her. He’s not even upset when to save her reputation he has to marry her, although Flora wants nothing to do with him. After a trip or two over his knee, he begins to try to change her opinion of him back to what it once used to be, when he was the man of her dreams. Due to some poor choices he’s made, that may not be so easy.

Although this is a stand alone novel, many of the characters were introduced to the series in; “An Honest Mistake The McCabe’s book 1” and “A Good Man The McCabe’s book 2”.

A Good Man

A Good Man
A Good Man: The McCabe’s Book 2

Ross McCabe is ready to head back to his home at Castle Gleann. He wasn’t expecting to come across Angela McCarthy being accosted by Lachlan Stewart as he headed to check on an order he’d placed, he quickly saves her and runs Lachlan Stewart off. Ross had never been drawn to any woman like he is to Angela. Although he hardly knows her, he promptly marries her to save her from a possible forced marriage to Lachlan.
Angela has no choice but to agree to the marriage with Ross. He has to be a better choice than that horrid Lachlan Stewart. He seems like a nice enough man until she argues with him in front of her guards and ends up over his knee for the first spanking in her short life. She’s not sure if she can stay married to a man who spanks her every time he doesn’t like what she is doing, especially since she is keeping a rather large secret from him that will impact both of their futures.
As Ross and Angela get to know each other and settle into married life, Lachlan Stewart refuses to give up. He pursues them first to Tarmon and then to Angela’s childhood home of Tioram. He is determined that Angela will become his, and tries repeatedly to come between the newly married couple.

Although this is a stand alone novel, many of the characters were introduced to the series in; “An Honest Mistake The McCabes book one”.

An Honest Mistake

An Honest Mistake
An Honest Mistake: The McCabe’s Book 1

Jacqueline McCabe grew up in the scottish highlands with eight older brothers. She swore she would never get married. When her brother’s best friend makes an honest mistake at his wedding it forces the two into a marriage that Jacqueline fights against every step of the way.

Connor Fraser had to much to drink and accidentally crawled into the bed of his best friends little sister, forcing them into a marriage to save her reputation. Connor isn’t to bothered by the development, he was thinking about getting married soon anyways and finds Jacqueline beautiful, although her attitude could use some work
The problem is how to get his new wife to quit pouting and accept the marriage she didn’t want and swears she will never accept. Connor tries reasoning with her and courting her to make her happy, but sometimes a woman just listens better when over her husband’s knee, with a hair brush applied to her back side.

Jacqueline is surprised to find instant acceptance with her new family at castle Tarmon. What surprises her the most, is finding out how kind and loving her new husband can be when he is not correcting her, and schools her in the marriage bed.

Mistress Suffragette

Mistress Suffragette

A young woman without prospects at a ball in Gilded Age Newport, Rhode Island, is a target for a certain kind of “suitor.” At the Memorial Day Ball during the Panic of 1893, impoverished but feisty Penelope Stanton quickly draws the unwanted advances of a villainous millionaire banker who preys on distressed women—the incorrigible Mr. Daggers. Better known as the philandering husband of the stunning socialite Evelyn Daggers, Edgar stalks Penelope.

Prior to publication, Diana Forbes’s debut won first place in the Missouri Romance Writers of America (RWA) Gateway to the Best Contest for Women’s Fiction. A selection from the novel was a finalist in the Wisconsin RWA “Fab Five” Contest. Mistress Suffragette won first place in the Chanticleer Chatelaine Award for Historical Romance and was shortlisted in the Somerset Award for Literary Fiction.

Author Name
Diana Forbees