Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero

The man is a sex dream I want to keep having…
He, is the Beast of Chill.
She, is the Ember that will burn him down.
When opposites COLLIDE, they make one hell of a hot mess…

After his famous Father, leader of a wildly successful media empire dies; the very easy going, naked surfing and White Russian, loving, Zachariah Eminent (Zero) is feeling like he’s down to nothing. He’s feeling like absolute zero with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

His ambition long thought amputated at birth is sparked when he meets the very intense over achieving Joanne Eagan (Jo). He audaciously claims her as “his girl” the first time they meet, and takes her breath away for all the wrong reasons. Zero is a poor imitation of his more impressive motivational speaking powerhouse BOSS of a twin brother, Eamon Eminent, the man, Jo *should* want; but after one hot hit of Zero’s brand of dirty, sexy, thoughtful intimacy, she finds herself addicted. She can’t get enough of him, this crazy, hot mess of a man has made her question everything she thought she always wanted. Zero may be exactly what this uptight, judgemental girl needs ….

Author Name
Nicole Swan