Let Me Tell You a Story…The dating life of an average girl and what really happens

Let Me Tell You a Story…The dating life of an average girl and what really happens
Let Me Tell You a Story…: The dating life of an average girl and what really happens

Tired of unrealistic romance novels? In Let Me Tell You a Story…The Dating Life of an Average Girl and What Really Happens, twentysomething European fashion designer Katie Miller invites you into the wild world of her dating life. With cheeky humor, Miller describes her many lovers with tantalizing frankness.
After a messy breakup with her ten-year boyfriend, Miller delves into online dating and drunken one-night stands. Along the way she meets dashing gentlemen from Spain, Ireland, Hungary, and more. From suitors twice her age to a couple wanting a threesome, Miller sees it all. Always willing to own her mistakes, Miller spares no detail when it comes to cringeworthy anecdotes.
Whether you’re looking to live vicariously or just glean useful advice, Miller’s book measures up. Learn from her flubs as she bluntly writes about accidentally flinging lacy panties into the street, discovering a lover has a grown son who’s hotter than him, and screwing up a budding relationship with what she thinks is the man of her dreams, but he isn’t even close.
Best paired with a bottle of rosé, this chatty account of contemporary dating will inspire you to put yourself out there and be your fiercest self.

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Author Name
Denis Romanov


Roman: Neighbors In Love Series Book 1

Due to circumstances out of his control Roman needed a place to hold up for a couple of nights.
Alexis welcomed him to stay as long as he needed.
Roman was the star of her late night wet dreams.
Alexis caused Romans muscles to hardened and throb with desire anytime she around.
Both were clueless about how they felt
Will they have the courage to confess their desires while under the same roof?

Author Name
Vivian Blac