Ruling Her Collection: Books 1-5

Ruling Her Collection: Books 1-5

“Her mouth was a whirlpool, vacuum, and drain.”

Justin’s life is turned upside down when he finds a strange prototype of his father’s that makes his manhood massively irresistible. At first, he had no clue what the device does, but he quickly found himself with his housemate Tammy, her blonde supermodel friend, his high-class ex-girlfriend, his sexy teacher, and the woman of the house worshiping him.

Justin seems to have it all too easy when the prototype starts malfunctioning. Suddenly, he starts experiencing blackouts and making plans that he doesn’t recall. While he may be enjoying his naughty romps with his newfound harem, all is not what it seems when it comes to Ruling Her!

This a five-story erotic bundle with bonus content. 18+ reader discretion advised.

Author Name
Velvet Rainne

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