Owned In The Office #2

Owned In The Office #2: Getting Taken By A Young Stud

Lucy couldn’t believe this was happening. Here she was, with Darnell on top of her, manhandling her, and inside of her cubicle no less. It didn’t matter that he was black, or that he was half her age, the only thing Lucy was thinking about at that moment was her needs, and how Darnell seemed to take care of all of them…

Darnell is the most annoying guy at Lucy’s job. He’s arrogant, rude, and a bit of a show-off. So when Lucy is chosen to work after hours with him on a site wide project, she isn’t exactly thrilled. That is until she really gets a good look at his body, and she starts to have fantasies about him when she is ALONE in her BED AT NIGHT. Lucy tries her best to ignore her inner desires, but the more she fights it, the more the image of Darnell’s ripped, and HARD BODY keeps popping up in her head. One night after finishing their work, Darnell decides it’s a good idea to have some refreshments, and Lucy sees this as an opportunity to find out how it feels to be BLACK OWNED!

Daniele Light is back, and this time with another tale of office lust! This interracial tale is a stand-alone story, with no cliffhanger at the end. Enjoy this fun stories and many others from the master of BMAW, interracial smut!

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