Gaijin Hunting: The Nippon Collection

Gaijin Hunting Bundle: The Nippon Collection

Rinko loves gaijin. Especially if they are BIG, DARK, and HUNG. When she sees one she likes, there’s nothing that can stand in her way. Once she is on the HUNT, Rinko always gets what she wants, and Rinko always want GAIJIN!

Rinko is a “gaijin hunter”, and she has a certain preference. She likes her Westerners black, and PACKING. Now you can collect her first THREE adventures in ONE VOLUME! See her pick up a gamer in Roppongi, a Pro-Wrestler in the legendary Sumo Hall in Sumida, and a foreign exchange student in Naha. What do all three have in common? They all STRETCH little Rinko to her absolute limit. Now you can own all three stories for one price!

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