Fake It Real

Fake It Real: A Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance

Panty-melting. Billionaire. Fiance?
Julian Stone needs a fiance to clean up his bad boy reputation so he can close a major deal.
He needs me. And I need money to keep my business open.
So he makes me a crazy offer: play his fiance for a month and I’ll get paid.
Easy, right? Except our fake engagement isn’t feeling so fake anymore.

Julian Stone is famous for a billion reasons, and few of them are good. He’s out to stage a corporate takeover, but first he needs to convince the board that his days of lighting up the tabloid covers are over.

He needs a fiance. A good girl. He needs me.

All I want is some extra cash to help keep my veterinary clinic open. It’s my dream, and the one thing I’ve got going after a past I’d rather forget. So he makes me an offer: be his for a month and he’ll make my problems disappear.

It’s all just for show. No feelings, no attachment, and definitely no love.

But then I get to know the devastatingly handsome man behind the tabloid covers. The man who treats me like a queen in public, and makes me drop to my knees when we’re alone.

If this is fake, why am I sharing his bed every night? Why am I screaming his name while I claw scratches down his back?

And, when the month is over, why can’t either of us walk away even when the world wants to tear us apart?

Fake It Real is a 65,000 word standalone romance novel, with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a HEA!

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