Dear Love, Are you dead?

1548944335Dear Love, Are you dead?

Meet Lorenzo, a depressed man who goes to a forest for a vacation and ends up getting attacked by mysterious creatures. He faces a turning point in his life. Everything changes. Mysterious things begin to happen. He experiences hallucination attacks. He wakes up not knowing where he is and realizes that he’s falling. “You will fall, but won’t fall apart”, says a female voice. Who could she be? Could she be the woman who he made love to in his dreams? He is not even sure if she exists. Maybe she is not a woman whom he loved from his heart. Maybe she is love itself, which exists in his heart. He feels like he had a whole slew of angels in his heart carrying memories of her, which he has a cloudy remembrance of and barely understands. Lorenzo looks around while falling trying to find her. ”Don’t search for me in the wrong places. Search for me where you can find me”, she says. She giggles and says that she is his instinct and his heartbeat. Lorenzo doesn’t remember her, but he feels her inside him. He can feel her love and his love for her inside his heart. By opening this book, you will uncover the fate of Lorenzo which he is destined to procure as he travels his journey through a road filled with broken glass pieces, thorns, poisonous snakes and barbed wires.

Author Name
SJ Henderson

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