Cucking the Coach (Dante’s Vengeance Book 3)

Cucking the Coach: Dante’s Vengeance Book 3

The high school football coach tortured Dante for four years, and now Dante is back for revenge. Chained to a throne of swords, the coach is powerless to stop the black man from slinging pipe up the coach’s willing white wife.

And just when the nasty revenge couldn’t get any sweeter, in walks the coach’s rebellious 18-year-old daughter, straight out of rehab and ready to get railed.

In this series of filthy interracial lust fests, hot, ripped black alpha male billionaire shows up at his high school reunion ready to pound out carnal revenge on everyone who made his teen years a miserable, sexless hell. Before he’s done he’s going to revenge cuck them all.

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