Bimbopedia 6

Bimbpedia 6 (Bimbopedia)

“Just Click It, and Stick It…”

Previously, Wyatt met a random stranger that changed his life overnight, giving him the gift to make an editable wiki database to turn any woman into a submissive bimbo goddess!

He’s already made the school bully, boss, teacher, and a set of twins his sexual slaves, but now as he finds the truth behind his abusive upbringing he’s quick to question the woman of the house. However, the dark stranger has greater plans for them. With the powers of the site, he turns her from average housewife to beautiful youthful bimbo! She aims to please Wyatt as her new master but she has an even bigger secret to tell in the final installment of BIMBOPEDIA!

This is an erotic short with bonus content. Reader discretion is advised.

Author Name
Velvet Rainne

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