Ashram: Language of the Pain

Ashram: Language of the Pain

The world of Thayrune is on the brink of war and the dark paladin Ashram is charged with preparing a fleet for Monsoon’s army. With Ashram’s slave’s working tirelessly through the night, he is propositioned by Monsoon’s elite assign, a dark elf named Avicia. She is beautiful, dangerous, and filled with ambition. She inserts herself into Ashram’s plans and tempts him with sex and purpose.

Avicia wants Ashram to sire her child, hearing of the bliss that comes from the language of the pain; his god’s mating ritual. However, she may have spoken too soon, under estimating Ashram’s faith in his god Modeus and not fulling understanding just what she is asking for. He takes the opportunity to fulfill his twisted desires, but can Avicia handle what is demanded of her?

WARNING: This erotic fantasy short story contains explicit sexual content and gratuitous violence. Reader discretion is advised. Contains bonus content at the end.

Author Name
Velvet Rainne

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