A Proclivity To Prurience

A Proclivity to Prurience: Obsession Comes with a Price

Joe has a troubled background and so does Eddie – is it any surprise they become close? Their childhood bond persuades Eddie’s mother, Abbie, to save Joe from his abusive, alcoholic father but she soon becomes the subject of Joe’s obsession, an obsession that spans more than a decade, creating an insatiable appetite for extremes. Finally, Abbie succumbs, but the consequences of her decision are too damaging to bear and she turns her back on Joe, fuelling his hunger and pushing him further into his sordid world. Follow Joe on his wayward path, seeking solace in increasingly dissolute encounters – is he justified or simply dangerous? And will Abbie reconsider and turn her back on long-term interest Jesse?

Author Name
Cheryl Butler

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